feral youths ep

by polaroids

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wear headphones if you got em
share with whom you please, preferably someone you like.

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released March 6, 2013

for alex welles.



all rights reserved


polaroids Boston, Massachusetts

music for late nights.
polaroids is now known as wakes.

you can find the new music at thisiswakes.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: pillowside
she sees your eyes
like your a child
and leaves you there
like your a friend

but its plaster smiles
you see within
and your car runs
it for miles

she gives herself
to the world you love

but love she gives
swallows you whole
when you can't get back what she has sold
those nights you left
on a pillow side

she lives alone
just like dad
where you can't see
her broken smiles

she hides away
from the lies you want
to hear the words
she can't bear to say

your silence kills
the world she loves

but the love you give shatters her soul
when she can't give back what you have told
those nights you left
on a pillow side

by the pillow side
Track Name: two-step heels
darlin i wont see your wool
its saturday night
youre prowling for a fool

you locked eyes
with a child on the floor
he took your hand
and y ou led him to the door

its easy to say that
its not your intention
but i can't help but feel
that i cant get your affection

take my heart and crush it in your hands
with your two step heels
you'll tear me down again

the silent night
between our best friends
a drowning light
of a time we felt again

and its not easy to say
that I'm a reflection
can't i steal a sigh
as we start our ascension

we run yeah we run away
from the eyes of the lies that we told ourselves today
we wash our hands with time
pretend its fine
but it festers like a wound
Track Name: pretend love
well i
saw your falling lace
on the floor
so lets play
til the dawn
til the sun
warms our faces love

you'll be gone
by morning
so lets pretend its love

and i smile
tight lipped
when you're bored
so lets stay
when you feel at home
until we
don't feel so alone
Track Name: widows
take my hand and jump with me
and im waiting for the day i die
wont you put my shoes by the fire
as my body comes ashore
my toes are cold with my feelings of dread
as you try to lock the door.

oh its a full moon tonight
watch the love turn into fright
oh my, my darlin dear
its not me you need to fear

you try to sing of our posterity
but I'm hollow my dear, cant you see?
leave me on my pedestal of trials
ill dream in the sky when I'm tired
the widow is loved by the ones up above
but no one to call her name.

and i find you crying on the floor
i can't help but feel we've done this before.