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Ali Keller
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Ali Keller Nostalgia isn't a bad thing, especially when it's something new. Favorite track: sidewalk cracks.
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released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


polaroids Boston, Massachusetts

music for late nights.
polaroids is now known as wakes.

you can find the new music at thisiswakes.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: eighties night
baby i love the way you sigh
pushing so low between your thighs
you light up one of your cigarettes
and let me know im in your debt

this is the point of our lives
where we're too old to feel this inside

its eighties night at tabbys bar
youre singing karaoke in the dark
you light up one of your cigarettes
but we know when they call the cops
we're gone without the check

this is point of our lives
where we're too old to feel this inside
i remember of the places i found
so i know just where ill fall down

fall me with me, love
Track Name: sidewalk cracks
say hello to your friends
cause we know you lost 'em again
they come by the window side
but theyre blind to your foolish pride
all i see is filled with white
so we leave into night

but time is overdrawn
yeah but time is overdrawn

and we fought the sidewalk cracks
to save our mothers backs
and i know you screamed with love
from what you hid under the rug
be kind to what remains
cause i know ill never change

but time is overdrawn
yeah but time is overdrawn

you saw the waves of your rough seas
that turned you down again
and you saw the waves of your rough seas
that took your life away

but time is overdrawn.
Track Name: headlights
the silhouettes of our bodies glow
from your headlights
and we shiver soft from the cold hard rain
to drown our pains
and we light our way with a mutual hate
driven by our sins
and pretend that we love our breakfast tomorrow
wont you leave to the birds i know
that come for the kill
pick my body clean, i know you will.

and lets leave town and run for the hills
where no one knows our names
and well get new jobs and work for our kids
that well never have
the neighbors will call to party to dawn
but the sun never comes
so leave me here with my misery
theres nothing left to gain here, my love.
Track Name: borrowed time
baby i dont know
living on your
your borrowed time
but i cant forget why
you left me by the fire
so lets get a long
and we'll leave
our clothing on

open the door away
from the trials you face
and i will haunt
the places youve lost
so let me by
we sail alone
right into the sea

my mind is caving inward
from the demons that haunt me so
and i feel the walls crumbling
around your
your precious throes
Track Name: young again
her face is wrinkled from
the wearing of time

hides the life behind her eyes

the mornings are cold again
as the season pass her by

she lies awake
trying to remember
her fleeting former life

we left time to be young again
weighed our worth against our sins
our hands betray the lives inside
where we feel at home

the nurse brings poison
to his bedside
keeping him alive

his friends call
from empty televisions
that keep his petty lies

the song begins without warning
its the white in his eyes

that keeps them pounding downward
on the life he left behind