by polaroids

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recorded in my room by me. usually past midnight when I should be sleeping.


released June 28, 2013

artwork and music by tim oxton



all rights reserved


polaroids Boston, Massachusetts

music for late nights.
polaroids is now known as wakes.

you can find the new music at

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Track Name: reveries
your eyeliner fades
with every passing day
as you cry prostrate on the floor
it was a numbing pain
that held with shame
but you don't feel it anymore

try to steal a smile
as you fight the ever rising bile

but you cant save it all
no you can't save it all if you're tired
and i can't bear the weight
of all the wasted days that I've sired
so ill stay with you, love
all through the night

and its just my point of view
of what you've done with you
theres no need to slam the door

oh its a passing phase
i know they all will say
but i miss the dead rapport

and i know its all the rage
to let them die in vain
but try and fight the tidal bore
Track Name: in my head
its not the way i feel when i
have your attention, do i
your eyes look past me
void if i recall
staring at the clock hiding on my wall
its not the way you see me
shocked beyond redemption
i take my leave and
write it on the wall

when you say "i forget"
i don't know really want to know
and you said he's just a friend
so i don't really want to know

the filth on your walls reminds me of an execution
where i can't feel the shame of that i failed
your eyes cut my silence to leave me unabsolved.
and then my face goes numb from your idled dreams of consternation
and i just want to bleed again